1. Introduction to the stock market
  2. Can stock charts predict the future & trading systems
  3. Support and resistance levels
  4. How to identify the market direction – part 1
  5. How to identify the market direction – part 2
  6. Chart patterns Introduction
  7. Chart patterns Symmetrical triangles
  8. Chart patterns Symmetrical triangles trading strategy
  9. Chart patterns Flags and pennants
  10. Chart patterns Flags and pennants trading strategy
  11. Chart patterns Ascending triangles
  12. Chart patterns Ascending triangles trading strategy
  13. Volumes and trends
  1. Market indicators
  2. Trading methodology
  3. Round numbers
  4. Setting up a trade
  5. Technical analysis for professional traders
  6. Practical technical analysis
  7. Trading psychology
  8. Risk and position management
  9. Picking stocks & analyzing economic data
  10.  Intra-day trading
  11. Trading arbitrage
  12. Trading preparation & sectors
  1. Trading small caps
  2. Identifying institutional tactics and copying them
  3. Using hot keys
  4. Advanced use of time and sale
  5. Manage “watch lists”
  6. The fixed quantities paradox
  7. Identifying “trade traps”
  8. The “20-20” method – how do experts read the chart
  9. How to trade using failure patterns
  10. Using NRB and WRB candles
  11. Trading IPOs – day trading and swing trading
  1. Introduction to MT5
  2. Forex market basics and trading examples
  3. Commodities market basics and trading examples
  4. Global indices
  5. Market news trading technique
  6. Trend trading
  1. Advanced trading tools and techniques
  2. Advanced stock trading strategies – The trailing stop
  3. Pivot points in stock trading
  4. Trade according to Game theory
  5. Practice VWAP strategies
  6. Trade management
  1. New Revolution to Home Based Internet Business
  2. How To Trade Like a Pro
  3. Insider Techniques To Profitable Forex Trading
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Sandra P.
Sandra P.

I have always dreamed of working for myself. One day, I thought why go to an unloved job if you can learn to trade and become a professional trader? I did it! Thanks to Admirria education, I completed all the courses (“Newcomer,” “Progressive,” “Master”), and now I officially earn money on trading!

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Dear Sandra! Thank you so much! We are so glad that trading has become an integral part of your life!

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