1. Why trade forex
  2. When to trade forex
  3. Trading terminology or where am i going long
  4. How to trade with leverage
  5. What’s a PIP
  6. How to place a trade in forex
  7. Types of forex orders
  8. Technical analysis in forex
  9. Fundamental analysis in forex
  10. Types of forex charts
  11. Support and resistance in forex
  12. Trendlines
  1. Fibonacci
  2. Forex Fibonacci extensions
  3. Learn forex fibonacci fan and arcs
  4. Learn forex combining fibonacci with other technical analysis tools
  1. Candlesticks
  2. Doji candlesticks in forex
  3. Marubozu candlestick in forex
  4. Hammer and hanging man candlestick
  5. Shooting star and inverted hammer candlestick
  6. Bullish piercing pattern
  7. Dark cloud cover pattern
  8. Bullish and bearish engulfing patterns
  9. Tweezer tops and bottoms
  10. Morning and evening star patterns
  11. Three white soldiers three black cows
  12. Three inside up, three inside down pattern
  13. Rising and falling three methods
  1. Forex double top and double bottom formation patterns
  2. Forex inverse head and shoulders pattern
  3. Learn forex head and shoulders pattern
  4. Forex bull flag formation patterns
  5. Forex bear flag patterns
  6. Forex bullish and bearish pennant formation
  7. Forex falling wedge pattern
  8. Forex ascending and descending triangle formations
  9. Forex symmetrical triangle pattern
  10. Forex box range
  11. Forex cup and handle formation pattern 
  12. Forex inverse cup and handle pattern
  13. Forex rising wedge pattern
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Carol P.
Carol P.

I recommend the “Newcomer” course at the Admirria from the bottom of my heart. As a beginner who did not understand anything in trading, I was amazed at the mentors’ attentiveness! It turns out that you can sort out everything with the proper training!

Reply to  Carol P.

Dear Carol, thank you! Our mentors are always here for you.

Nicholas R.
Nicholas R.

Teachers are professional practising traders who are focused on every student! I have never seen such a caring attitude in other training. I took the “Newcomer” course, and I fully recommend it to beginners!

Reply to  Nicholas R.

Dear Nicholas! We are happy that you fell in love with trading with us!

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