1. Forex indicators
  2. Forex RSI stochastic oscillator
  3. Forex ATR average true range
  4. Forex moving average
  5. Forex moving average convergence divergence MACD
  6. Forex average directional index ADX
  7. Forex bollinger bands
  8. Forex parabolic SAR
  9. Forex Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  10. Forex pivot points
  1. Timing your entries when trading forex
  2. Timing your exits when trading forex
  1. Getting started with MT4
  2. Market watch – basics 
  3. Chart window basics
  4. Terminal window basics – part 1
  5. Terminal window basics – part 2
  6. Navigator window basics
  7. Placing orders
  8. Account history – closed trades
  9. Market watch detailed
  10. All about charts
  11. Chart window properties
  12. Indicators and scripts
  1. Background – Early digital currencies (1980-2009)
  2. Evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  3. The future of digital currencies and blockchain
  4. Background – concept of owning a digital currency
  5. What are wallets and how to they work
  6. Backups & Offline storage – why is it important, how to do it
  7. Mobile security – How to safely protect your mobile wallet
  8. Types of cryptocurrencies
  9. What is Bitcoin
  10. The history of Bitcoin
  11. Ways to use Bitcoin besides investing
  12. How to invest in Bitcoin
  13. What are the risks involved in Bitcoin trading
  14. How to buy Bitcoin
  15. Why accept Bitcoin
  16. What are the risks involved in using Bitcoin
  17. How to accept Bitcoin for services or goods
  18. Outlook on taxation, accounting and legalities
  1. New Revolution to Home Based Internet Business
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Timothy K.
Timothy K.

Since I am a pretty experienced trader, I was looking for refresher courses and additional knowledge that could be useful in trading. I chose the Admirria and the “Progressive” course and did not wish for a second!

Reply to  Timothy K.

Dear Timothy! We are glad you could find what you were looking for on the course. Hooray!

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